Like water is essential for internal health as we age so does our skin.

There are many more invasive procedures, i.e. Botox, infills, lifting… and the list goes on. All very expensive and only a band-aid on something is going to happen anyway. Using concentrates for me makes much more sense. You’re actually working to stimulate your own collagen and elastin to repair itself and work quicker and more efficiently.

One of my favourites is Jyunka’s M+ fluid, I just love this miracle product, and it’s always wonderful to hear from my clients how they have noticed a big difference in their skin.

Some of the benefits of Jyunka’s M+ Fluid

  • Reduction of finalising wrinkles
  • Reversal (even removal) of skin pigmentation

Encapsulating the purist of the L-ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C) is a simple answer to the complexities that surround skincare and anti-aging treatments. The results speak for themselves – instantly lifting and firming, for a glowing, youthful complexion.

Come and try it out for yourself complimentary addition to all our treatments.