It’s so important to be out in the sunshine to get your daily dose of Vitamin D for strong, healthy bones and good vibes – let’s face it makes us feel happy and so much better.

Equally as important, is the protection of our skin, against the harmful UV rays from the sun.

Living on the Northern Beaches, we are all sun lovers, but we don’t want to age our skin. Applying a good sunscreen (one doesn’t clog our pores) is vital for our vitality.

Some of the benefits of using an SPF (Sun Protection Factor) 50 Sun Screen to hydrate and protect exposed skin against harsh environmental damage include;

  • Fewer instances, of skin pigmentation.
  • Reduced risk of skin cancer.

Also don’t forget your hat that also helps to prevent unwanted skin damage nose, lips and face. We all want our skin to be just as soft and supple as a newborn baby.

Sunscreen protection is the best way to slow down the natural ageing process. Ask for a complimentary Pelactiv SPF 50 sample pack when next visiting FiveSenses.