Is your skin feeling dry around July?

With summer, just around the corner don’t let the dryness of the cold weather ruin your skin’s vitality.

Make moisturising, an essential part of your morning and nightly routine to keep face, hands and body looking healthy and feeling youthful.

Hydrating and protecting your skin on the outside is great but ensuring your body is also hydrated within is equally if not more important. 

Drinking pure water is also a must. 

Remember to drink 6-8 large glasses (2-3 litres) of water daily. I personally carry around a sealed sports bottle of filtered water everywhere i go.

Not sure what moisturising products are best?

Just call me (Marg Stamboulidis) on 02 9981 3469 and we can organise a time for a consultation to discuss your skin rejuvenation and hydration needs.