Never say never!

If you’re, like myself – this old saying is oh so true – both externally and internally. It’s such a positive saying and makes you feel better just by saying this three simple words out loud.

Anything is possible!

For instance, protecting skin from the effects of ageing may take a little work that doesn’t require harmful invasive treatment (i.e. Botox, Fillers & Facelifts etc.)

Even with the risk of side-effects and causing so much downtime, ironically people who undergo these invasive treatments still have to be diligent at keeping their skin in good health.

This is why at Five Senses, I specialise in non-evasive rejuvenation facials like Microdermabrasion, where there is no downtime, and my clients receive instant and noticeable results and the effects compound after a short course of anti-ageing treatments you’ll experience your skin looking firmer and feeling significantly softer. 

Microdermabrasion reduces fine lines, wrinkles and skin pigmentation. Often removing them altogether, depending on the severity of skin damage. The process is so much easier as it simply stimulates your own body’s collagen and elastin to regenerate at a faster speed, so you’re actually helping your skin to repair itself naturally.

If you live on Sydney’s Northern Beaches, ring me (Marg Stamboulidis) at FiveSenses on 02 9981 3469‬ and book a free consultation to come in and discuss a regulation treatment suitable for your skin.