Ultrasonic Infusion Facial (by Pelactiv)

Ultrasonic Infusion uses ultrasound vibrations to momentarily create small space in the outer layers of the skin and allows greater absorption of an applied product.

By combining the infusion technique with a Pelactiv high-performance serum (Hydrating, Lifting and Vitamin C) the overall appearance of your skin looks visibly healthier, pigmentations lighten, skin texture and fine lines improve dramatically.

  • Increases Collagen and elastin production
  • Makes thickened sun-damaged skin look and feel more radiant
  • No downtime after the treatment

A course of six Ultrasonic Infusion Facials is recommended to maximise lasting effects. At FiveSenses when you pre-purchase five, the sixth one is free. Call me (Marg Stamboulidis on ‭02 9981 3469) or to discuss your concerns or book a free consultation online.