Are you concerned about fine lines, dark circles, and dehydration, around your eyes?

You may not realise this but, the skin around your eyes is ten times thinner than on your face. Putting regular moisturiser around this sensitive area can actually cause your eyes to become puffy and even congest the pores causing Milia.

Using a specially designed eye cream for his area is vital. My secret to looking ten years younger is the daily use of Jyunka Ageless Eyes.


I’ve watched my eyes transform before me after each application. It not only softens wrinkles and fine lines, but it also lifts my eye contours the same time. Most importantly Jyunka Ageless Eyes helps to reduce eye puffiness and dark, tired circles.

Phone Marg Stamboulidis on ‭02 9981 3469, to discuss any concerns, and come for a complimentary Jyunka Ageless Eye trial application with any facial.