Have you been for a walk or run… or maybe gym lately. Exercise makes you feel alive and healthy both internally and externally. Skin exfoliation is your exercise for your face. Ridding your skin of dead cells (which are constantly dying and replenishing themselves), excess oils and dirt etc.

I recommend you exfoliate 2-3 times per week, with a gentle exfoliant cream after cleansing. Do it while in the shower, and it only takes a few seconds. Benefits of regular Exfoliation include;

  • Noticeably Softer and Cleaner looking skin
  • Moisturisers or any concentrates you reapply to your skin are absorbed instantly and deeper into your skin

Please contact me, Marg on ‭02 9981 3469 to receive one of our fantastic Pelactiv Exfoliation Cream samples. Or receive a complimentary Exfoliation product when you book a Special Purifier Facial at FiveSenses.