Madonna’s Beauty Secret

At nearly 49, Madonna has the face of a woman much younger. Years of staying out of the sun have helped, but her other beauty secret is a facial that blasts her skin with oxygen and a magical serum. It’s rare that the Material girl endorses products, but she’s such a fan she has come out publicly, having regular treatments from LA-based Michelle Peck. Peck was at all the dates on her Confessions on a Dance Floor tour and also flew over to London to look after Madge for the Live Earth show.

While Michelle was in town, I was lucky enough to have the Madonna treatment carried out on me – and what a treatment it was. It works using something called hyperbaric oxygen which is applied to the face in slow, delicate movements from a machine that looks like an amplifier. The oxygen works in tandem with a rejuvenating serum, which helps regenerate cells and plump up the skin. 

It is full of powerful antioxidants and vitamins A, C and E which gave my face a lasting glow. Once Michelle had done one side of my face, she showed me the results, and it was incredible: my fine lines and wrinkles had gone, everything looked lifted, and my skin felt really soft and smooth.

The treatment is ultra relaxing and because it is all natural you don’t feel you are messing with what nature has given you – just making the most of what you’ve got. A philosophy Madonna would agree with, I’m sure.

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